Our Values

1. Professionalism

Everything we do is done to a professional standard. We take the time and care to make sure that everything is done correctly.  Some decorators try to do things by eye or in a slip-shod manner.  We take care with each and every step so that the job is perfect.

2. Exceptional Service

We offer exceptional service before, during and after your project.  We will ensure that your project goes smoothly.  We will come out and fix any issues for free for up to 12 months after the work has been completed.  There is no traffic in the extra mile and we will go above and beyond.

3. Flexibility

We pride ourselves in being very flexible to ensure that your needs are met.  All of our customers want a different look and sometimes this involves changing direction part way through a project or doing something different to that agreed. We always remain flexible. We are the “house of yes”.

4. Results Focused

Everything we do is focused on producing the results and unique effect you want. It is the end result that counts rather than the effort that goes in. We very much believe that given the choice between efficient and effective, we always choose the most effective approach.  

5. Old-Fashioned Values

We are artisans who value old-fashioned values such as craftmanship, respect, courtesy and good manners.  These are the values that seperate the professionals from the cowboys. We strive to maintain these values to the highest levels in all of our dealings.